Baby Dan Bath Set by BabyDan

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With the set you can make bathing time a fun and pleasant experience for both you and your child. You can use the bathtub from birth and until the baby is too large for the bathtub. The bathtub's plug changes color if the water temperature is 37 degrees. In this way, it is easier to ensure that the bath water has the right temperature. The bathtub can be folded so you can easily pack it away and save space in the bathroom. With the bath support you have both hands free when you bathe the baby it makes the bath more comfortable for both you and the little gold nugget. The bath support is attached to the bathtub and can be used from the child's first bath and until it is about 6 months.

height 45 cm

Width 80 cm

Length 53 cm < /p>

Maximum weight 15