Baby Jogger Stand Board (Glider board 2)

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Baby Jogger slides Board 2, The Stand Board is the perfect accessory when the big child no longer drives in the car, but sometimes needs to rest his legs. Baby Jogger Stand Board can be adjusted in three different positions, to push it closer or further away from the wagon. In addition, the slope on the stitch board can be adjusted.
When the standing board is not in use, it can be folded up and fastened to the car's frame. The wheels are durable inliners wheels and can be clicked off the stalk board.

Fits City Elite, City Mini 3.4, GT, GT Double, Summit, City Elite 2, City Mini 2, GT2, GT 2 Double, City Select, Select Lux

Weight Capacity 20.5 kg
adjustable to fit your child and your stroller
SMART suspended when not in use