Cocoon Company Stain Remover for textiles

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Natural stain remover from Danish Cocoon Company. Perfect alternative to chemical -based stain removers on the market. Effectively removes stains and protects the clothes.

Works for all fabrics - also textiles such as wool and silk.

Make to saponified coconut oil, rapeseed oil, vegetable soy oil, boraks and litsea oil.

First, moisturize the fabric and then rub the damp stain remover directly on the stain until the soap foam has reached through the fabric. Let the soap sit for 10 minutes so the soap can have time to dissolve the stain. Then wash the fabric standard. Our natural stain remover works great with our natural and gentle detergents, soap berries.

If your stain is extra stubborn, then it may be necessary to repeat the process and possibly wash it by hand. You can also let the clothes with the stain soak with the stain remover's foam. Use hot water when washing by hand.

If a stain on padding or blankets, rub the wet stain remover on a slightly damp sponge until foam is created. Then rub the stain with the sponge as needed and leave the stain soak for 10 minutes. Then use a clean and damp sponge to remove the excess soap. It may be necessary to repeat the process of severe spots.