Fossflakes Baby Starter Pack

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Package consists of:

- Fossflakes Test-winning nursing pillow with upholstery

- Fossflakes Babyskies Top Mattress

- Fossflakes Baby Cushion and Baby Paddy

Breastfeeding, sleep and security are the most important things in the first months of your baby's life. We have collected a package that contains it as new -born parents need in the first time with baby. The breastfeeding pad helps you keep your child during breastfeeding without getting tired of your arms. Fossflakes Babyskies is an ergonomic top mattress developed by two Danish chiropractors, Peter and Karina Gyrst. The top mattress supports the baby's neck and back in the many hours baby sleeps on the back Fossflakes Baby Dyne is a soft and comfortable baby comforter that is easy to maintain. The pillow is flat so baby can be comfortable. Remember, baby should fail to use cushion in bed for the first year of life.


Breastfeeding pad - 114 x 70 cm

Babyskies top mattress - 31 x 80 cm

Babydyne - 70 x 100 cm

Baby pad - 40 x 45 cm