Fossflakes Nordic Sleep 70x100 cm baby duvet and pillow set

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Fossflakes hypoallergenic baby set in delicious quality from the Nordic Sleep series.

Children's sleep means a lot to normal growth, learning and energy for good play. Larger children must have a bigger Duy and a Pillow that can be hugged and can support the child's head and neck and give a good night's sleep.

Fossflakes filling Feels naturally soft, but at the same time supports the body and retains its volume longer. The filling is Fossflakes' most luxurious blend of 70% of the finest fossflakes essential and 30% of the best polyester fibers.

Fossflakes pillows and quilts for babies are allergy -friendly and can be machine washed at 60 ° C so that the products can easily be kept clean and free of dust mites. They retain their resilience and fullness, even after frequent washing and use. Both pillows and duvets are easy to shake up.

All fossflakes duvets and cushions for babies have spring of 100% Cotton Cambric high quality and is Oeko-Tex 100 Class in Standard- Certified.