Hoppekids ECO Dream half-height module 90x200 - Dream Blue

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With this neat ECO Dream half-height module 90 x 200 from Hoppekids, ECO Dream junior beds in size 90 x 200 can easily be transformed into a half-height bed. The space under the bed can be used for storage or playing. With the module, it becomes a small cave under the bed and if it should be extra cave-like, you can easily attach a curtain in front of the opening. With a curtain, the space under the bed is easily transformed into a adventurous and magical place for the child, where the imagination is the limit. The CARS universe from Hoppekids fits the blue Color perfectly.The bed and the module is swan-labeled and that is your ensurement that the assembled solution complies to all of the current EU-rules. Furthermore, the module and the Hoppekids ECO Dream junior bed is produced of wood and treated with an environmentally cautious and water-based varnish. This means that you do not have to worry about unnecessary chemicals or harmfull materials.The modul is in the color Dream Blue, but it is available in several colors that perfectly fit the ECO Dream junior beds from Hoppekids.Cleaning: Can be washed with a hard wrung cloth and mild soap water.Measurements on module, 90x200 cm: L208xH105xD101 cm. Max. load on the total bed: 100 kg. Color: Dream Blue.OBS: Notice that this is only the module and not the whole bed. The module only fits the Hoppekids ECO Dream junior beds.