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Complete Eco Dream Stage bed in size 90x200 cm from Hoppekids. The floor bed gives two beds, without using more floor space. At the same time, there is a good opportunity for storage or an extract bed under the lower bed.

The floor bed is perfect for the part room or if your child often has overnight guests. The lower bunk can advantageously be used as a play cave or day bed. Hang a curtain in front of the lower bed and you have the perfect cave for aloud reading. You can also decorate pillows, blankets, light chains and other cozy cases.

The top bed is perfect for the child who loves to climb. The trip up the ladder makes it fun to get to bed and at the same time train motor skills and coordination. The bed is equipped with bed horses all around and helps with a safe and cozy atmosphere in the bed.
The lower bed has no bed horses, but a bed horse can be purchased for the front, which can be easily removed or put on.

The beds are the Swan label
The beds are, like the rest of the ECO Dream series, the Swan label.
The Swan label is your guarantee that the product complies with all EU standards within children's furniture and has been tested on these. At the same time, the greatest possible consideration is taken of the environment both when purchasing raw materials, during the production itself, in the product's life and when the product is to be disposed of.

The surface is treated with water -based varnish free of unnecessary chemicals and harmful substances. P>

The ladder can be mounted in either the right or left side of the bed.

Material bed: pine. /P>

Treatment: Water -based varnish, free of harmful substances and unnecessary chemistry.
Cleaning: Can be washed with a hard -woven cloth and mild soapy water.

Measure Mattress: 90x200 cm.
Measure bed: L208xH145xD101 cm.
Measurement from floor to the underside of top bed: 109 cm.
Target from floor to the underside of the bottom bed: 20 cm.
Measure between the two beds: 79 cm.

Max load: 100 kg.
Max mattress height cf. safety standards if the bed is used with module: 9 cm.

Color: White