Hoppekids ECO Luxury Height-bed 90x200cm with sloping ladder- Flexible insert bottom - White

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The high bed from Hoppekids is perfect for the bigger child who wants more floor space in the room. With the high bed you exploit every square meter in the room.This bed is delivered with a flexible insert bottom with molded slats. The curved slats increases comfort because the slats individually adjusts to the pressure from the body. This helps keep the spine straigt when your child is asleep - even if you child grows a lot.Under the bed, there is extra floor space where you can decorate a lounge-area, workspace, storage or space for playing. There is a 135 cm from the underside of the bunk to the floor, which allows the imagination to set the limit for how the space can be used.All of the ladders from the ECO Luxury-series has millings and deep steps. This provides a better foot hold on the trip up the ladder. It is also possible to buy handles if there is a need for extra safety.The bed is swan-labeled The bed is, like the rest of the ECO Luxury-seriee, swan-labeled. The swan-label is your guarantee that the product complies to all of the EU-standards within children's furniture and is tested on these.. At the same time, the environment has been taken into account both during the procurement of raw materials, during the production, in the life of the product and when the product must be disposed.The surface is treated with an environmentally cautious, water-based varnish, free of unnecessary chemicals and harmfull materials.A bed with lifetime warranty The ECO Luxury-series from Hoppekids has a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects. Read more about lifetime warranty at hoppekids.com, where the bed must be registered 3 months after the purchase at the latest .The big size 90x200 cm provides plenty of space to grow and the child can use the bed until they are ready for a teenageroom. It is also big enough for you to lie in the bed and read out loud. The high bed can without problems be converted into a junior bed or into one of the other beds from the ECO Luxury-serien, if a new module is bought.The ladder can be mounted on either the right or the left side of the bed.Materials: Pine wood.Treatment: Waterbased varnish, free of harmfull materials and unnecessary chemicals. Cleaning: Can be washed with a hard wrung cloth and mild soap water.Measurements mattress: 90x200 cm. Measurements bed: L209xH177xD134 cm. Measurements under bed: 135 cm. Max load of the total bed: 100 kg. Max height of mattress cf. safety standards: 12 cm.Color: White