Hoppekids MADS Children's chair - Pale Mauve

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MADS Children's chair from Hoppekids is a lovely little chair for the children's room. The chair is very stable, ensuring that it does not tip over, but it can easily be moved around by the slightly older children. The MADS Children's chair is available in many beautiful colors and fits the MADS Children's table, together they make the perfect set for the children's room. Choose a table and a chair in the same color for a modern look, or mix and match the colors to achieve the exact look you want.This MADS Children's chair is in the color Pale Mauve that perfectly fits the PRINCESS universe from Hoppekids.The surface of the chair is treated with an environmentally cautious and water-based varnish, meaning that you do not have to worr about harmfull materials and unnecessary chemicals.It is possible to buy a cushion of the MADS Children's chair if you want it to be even more comfortable for your child.The chair is easily wiped with a hard wrung cloth and mild soap water.Measurements: B28xH50xD28 There are 26,7 cm from the floor to the top of the seat.Color: Pale Mauve.OBS: This product only includes one MADS Children's chair.