Hoppekids MADS Children's table - Autumn Yellow

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The MADS Children's table from Hoppekids is a lovely little Children's table in the nice color Smoked Pearl that fits well into any children's room or playing area. The table is stable enough to not tip over, but light weight enougt that the slightly bigger children can move the table around. The MADS Children's table fits nicely with the MADS Children's chair from Hoppekids. Both the MADS Children's table and the MADS Children's chair is available in many nice colors, mix and match the colors to fit your personal look.The table is treated with a water-based and environmentally cautious varnish, meaning that you do not have to worry about harmfull materials and unnecessary chemicals.Materials: Pine wood and MDF. Treatment: Water-based varnish without harmfull materials and unnecessary chemicals. Cleaning: Can be washed with a hard wrung cloth and mild soap water.Measurements:B50xH47xD50 cmFits the MADS Children's chair. Color: Autumn Yellow.OBS: This product is only 1 MADS Children's table in Autumn Yellow.