Hoppekids Medium bricks for family bunk bed

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The medium bricks for the ECO Luxury beds from Hoppekids. The medium bricks are used to convert two bed modules into on family bunk bed. The medium bricks for the bunk bed includes four medium bricks and is part of the ECO Luxury series. Before ordering the medium bricks, remember to check that you have the right bed and that they can be converted.These medium bricks are used to build a family bunk bed, but there are also medium bricks for building a regular bunk bed and a high bunk bed.Cleaning: Can be wiped off with a hard wrung cloth and mild soap water. Measurements for one medium brick: 6,5 x 114 x 6,5 cm.This product include four medium bricks for bulitng a bunk bed, bed is bought seperately.OBS: Check that your bed can be rebuild before ordering.