Hoppekids Slide for ECO Luxury Half-height bed - all sizes- White

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Slide for half-height beds from the ECO Luxury-series from Hoppekids. This slide fits the ECO Luxury half-height bed and can be mounted in either the right or left side, The slide is treated with an environmentally friendly (water-based) varnish and covered by the lifetime warranty from fra Hoppekids.Material: MDF.The slide is swan-labeled. The slide is covered by the lifetime warranty of Hoppekids. Read more about this at hoppekids.comTreatment: Water-based varnish without harmfull materials and unnecessary chemicals. Cleaning: Can be washed with a hard wrung cloth and mild soap water.Fits the ECO Luxury series. Fits beds in the height: Halvhøj Fits beds in the size: All The slide can only be used with a rail in fitting lenght.Measurements: L40xH114xD102 cm.Color: WhiteOBS. This slide fits the PREIUM half-height bed. Remember to buy the correct rail. Bed, module, rail and other accessories are sold seperately.