Mininor glass feeding bottle 240ml - 0m+

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An Innovative Glass Bottle from Mininor with unique properties.

  • The bottle is made of fracture-proof glass that can withstand being lost on hard surfaces from up to one meter
  • silicone surface is heat sensitive which means That the color disappears if the liquid in the bottle is too hot for the baby. Ie Over 42 degrees
  • silicone surface also makes it comfortable and delicious to hold on
  • The combination of glass and silicone also makes the bottle outer Hygienic
  • The Bottle Suts are designed with an anti-colic valve to reduce the air intake of the child. < /P>

    It makes really good sense for the environment.

    Before Use the bottle must be washed and sterilized either with boiling water or in microwave.

    Bottle Sut (2M+) comes with.


  • Bottle Bottle: Silicone (Outer), Break Safe Glass (Inside)
  • Bottle Sut: Medical Silicone