Mininor Tandbørste sæt grå/hvid

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Learn your child was already infant that it is important to keep his teeth clean and they need to be brushed every day.

With Minior's toothbrush set, it is possible to teach your child to brush teeth before it gets teeth.

You can practice good dental habits in 3 steps:

Step 1 (6-12 months)

The first brush the child can hold and use himself. It is used to massage the sore gums in connection with the baby is getting teeth or as training before the teeth emerge. There is a shield on the brush that ensures that the baby does not stick the brush too far down the throat.

Step 2 (8-12 months)

The next brush has silicone hair. It can be used to brush the first teeth the baby is getting. At the same time, the baby can bite into it to massage the sore gums without the discomfort from the nylon hairs as there is on a regular toothbrush.

Step 3 (12 months +)

This is the regular toothbrush with nylon hair. It is used from the child is approx. 12 months when the child is about to have all his milk teeth. The toothbrush has a small brush head It is therefore easy to brush all the teeth.