Sebra Harmony 70x112.5 cm mattress for baby and junior bed including additional part.

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Sebra mattress, Harmony, fits the Sebra bed and gives your child a perfect sleeping comfort. The mattress names are Oeko-Tex® certified and is especially known for its good breathability and comfort. For you, this means that the mattress has the ability to divert heat and moisture, which contributes to a comfortable and balanced sleeping environment for your child. The top of the mattress naught is cut into cubes, which distributes the weight and gives your child a good support. The cover is washable at 60 degrees, made of 100% cotton and treated with Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Protection-an Oeko-Tex®-listed treatment that ensures an antibacterial and hygienic environment for your child.

<< < P> l: 112.5 cm

b: 70 cm

h: 8 cm

Supplement. 42.5 x 70 x 8 cm

Number of parts: 2

Washing instructions (cover): Can be washed at 60 gr .