Yumbox Insert Tray - Minisnack Tray - 3 compartments - Rainbow

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Insert tray with 3 compartments for mini -snack lunch boxes/snack boxes from Yumbox.

The room -filled tray insert ensures that all conditions are present to create a healthy distribution and a varied snack -lunch box. The small drawings under the food can partly help to give inspiration when the lunch box is filled. Partly they will excite your child as the lunch box is emptied of food.

The insert tray/yumbox tray is purchased as an extra accessory for minisnack snack boxes from Yumbox as it may be convenient to have An extra tray to replace with while the other is for washing.

NOTE regarding Use

This insert tray fits only the minisnack snack boxes launched in June 2023. If you bought your minisnack before this, the insert tray will not fit in.

goals and specifications

Measure: & nbsp; 17 x 13 x 5 cm.

Free of BPA and Phalates.

The tray can withstand dishwasher. It does the lunch box itself, as it is not inserted.