Yumbox Lunchbox without Insert Tray - Tapas XL - for 4 or 5 compartments - Monte Carlo Blue

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Tapas XL lunch box without insert tray from Yumbox.

Note that this item is only a lunch box shell. To get a functional lunch box, a tapas XL insert tray with 4 or space must be purchased. Both trays fit with the furrows in the lunch of the lunch box.

When you collect shell and insert tray, Yumbox is a super practical, tight -fitting and chemistry -free lunch box for you or your minimal person.

The smart space -built hill insert ensures that all conditions are present to create a healthy distribution and a varied lunch. & nbsp;

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When the lunch box is closed, the smart silicone frames in the lid ensure that all rooms in the lunch box are sealed so that the food products do not interfere. In this way, the food stays fresh and delicious for the longest possible time.

Goals and specifications

24 x 17 x 4.5 cm.

Free of BPA and Phalates.

Bakken, but not the lunch box itself, withstands dishwasher.

About Yumbox Tapas 4 or 5 Rum

Yumbox Tapas is the largest of the Yumbox lunch boxes. Here is room for enough rye bread foods to saturate a big teenage boy - or of course an adult. The Tapas Madkassen can also be a good choice for school children where lunch is to be packed with fruit or afternoon food.

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The return and exchange rights lapse if the plastic foil around the lunch box is broken. This is because the surface of the lunch box is extremely susceptible to scratches and fingerprints.